Grant Gustin & Mellissa Benoist Recreate Classic Comic Cover for Supergirl/Flash Crossover


We always love it when actors release super nerdy things involving the characters that they play and this newest promo as shared by The Flash star, Grant Gustin is no exception.

To promote the upcoming crossover episode of CBS’s Supergirl and the CW’s The Flash the two recreated this classic comic book cover that features the two of them in a race to see who’s the fastest. The Flash did something very similar last year when it was announced that the show would debut the character of Jay Garrick, the original version of the scarlet speedster. The two recreated the cover from the well known comic The Flash of Two Worlds which introduced the idea of a multiverse into DC Comics in the early 60’s.

This cover is actually a recreation of a Superman/Flash crossover from 1967 which was the first time the comic ever saw the two heroes engage each other in a foot race.

Here’s what the original cover looked like:


The episode of Supergirl is set to air on Monday, March 28th

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