Gotham Promises to Deliver a Definitive Joker Origin and GCDP Shake-Up, Plus New Villians


With Fox’s Gotham taking a full in plunge into the depths of insanity, it sounds like we’ll be getting some explanations for some long standing mysteries in the world of the Dark Knight. In addition to filling in the gaps in Gotham City’s mythology, we’re also going to get some serious shakeups in the Gotham City Police Department along with an interesting mix of new villains.

:::Potential Spoilereez Below:::

In the second episode we were treated to a harsh overtaking of Gotham’s police force and in an interview with Nerdist, show runner Bruno Heller explained, “The immediate result of that massacre is the arrival of the new captain, Captain Barnes played by Michael Chiklis. He brings all that macho, tough energy that Michael does so well. It’s basically a new dawn in the GCPD because finally, Jim Gordon [Ben McKenzie] has a partner inside headquarters who is as daring, as brave, as willing to go the extra yard to change the city.”

In regard to the aftermath of the GCPD massacre it sounds like the show will continue to narrow its focus on to Jarome’s proto-Joker which will help to fill in the mythos surrounding the clown prince of crime.

“We’re going to be giving you concrete answers to his identity,” explains Heller, “That story is going to come to a huge and shocking resolution which will explain the whole Joker myth and how it began and how the Joker came to be.”

We’ll also be meeting some new villains this season with the introductions of both Dr. Hugo Strange and the infamous Mr. Freeze.

“Something we’re going to see this year is the underbelly of Wayne Enterprises, the Indian Hill bioengineering laboratory, the subterranean aspects of Wayne Enterprises,” says Heller, “When we go there and see what they’re doing down there, we’re going to be introducing the great Dr. Hugo Strange and Mr. Freeze.”

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So, what do you think, have you been enjoying the insanity ride that is Gotham? Are you looking forward to getting some answers in terms of the Jokers origin or would you rather see it left a mystery? How about Hugo Strange and Mr. Freeze; yay or nay? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Source: Nerdist

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