FX Debuts Trailer for Upcoming X-Men Spin-off; Legion


In what could turn out to be one of the most absolutely bonkers shows of 2017, FX has finally gone and given us a short glimpse into their X-Men spin-off show, Legion.

In the comic books, Legion is the son of Professor Xavier who also happens to be severally mentally ill, displaying a type of disociative identity disorder along with multiple personalities. The character has a large array of powers, however, each power is controlled by one of his individual personalities.

Think United States of Tara, where each of the individual personas has it’s own superpower and while that could be an amazing show in and of itself, it seems as though FX is mixing it up a bit and changing the premise from the comics. Instead the trailer appears to imply that maybe Legion absorbs other mutants and their powers to some degree. It’s hard to  say at this point, but the trailer seems to be tossing out a central theme that focuses on asking the question, “Is he or isn’t he crazy?”

While the trailer has a variety of suits making claims that he’s the worlds most powerful mutant, personally, I think they really should go all out and just make him nuts. This would give the show a very unique flair and brand unlike anything we’ve seen prior. It’s hard to predict how it will tie into the rest of the established X-Men universe or where in the timeline it’ll take place, but I’m guessing that they’re going to break the relationship to Professor X. As amazing as it would be to see either James McAvoy or Patrick Stewart on the small screen, it’s probably not very likely.

Are you excited to see some of the X-Men universe hit TV or do you think the stories are already fractured enough already? Give the trailer below a watch and let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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