FOX to Develop New X-Files Style Haunted House Series That’s NOT Maniac Mansion


The fine folks over at Entertainment Weekly are reporting today that Fox is seeking to develop a new X-Files type horror show revolving around a haunted house and sadly, it doesn’t sound like they’re going for a Maniac Mansion reboot.

The show, currently named with a very on-the-nose title, Haunted, will not follow in the same vein as Fox’s campy runaway hit, Scream Queens, but instead will instead take the serious road a-la the X-Files. According to EW, the show is currently set to feature an investigative pair including a female skeptic and her male counter part true believer as they seek to unravel the mysteries of a haunted house.

The synopsis for the show explains that the show will be, “A chilling horror series about a military agent who is partnered with her ex-boyfriend, now a rogue demonologist, to help a family overcome a deadly demonic infestation of their home. The season-long case investigates the true story of one of the most haunted houses in America. The believer vs. nonbeliever duo, by solving the mystery of the present, will solve the mystery of their damaged past. At its core the series will explore the age-old question, ‘Is evil real?’”

Major TV networks have recently been experimenting with the horror genre giving us a variety of sub-par shows including Sleepy Hollow, Grimm, and Constantine while having mediocre success with properties like Hannibal, Bates Motel, and of course Constantine in order to compete with popular cable series like Dexter, The Walking Dead, and American Horror Story.

This could be interesting, but given their current track record we’re guessing that this show will just make people long for more X-Files, which we’ll be getting, so why bother? With the success of Scream Queens and the fact that the Maniac Mansion property is probably LONG overdue for a legitimately amazing reboot, we’re thinking that they should re-examine this idea and instead give us the dark and gritty MM reboot that we’ve all been longing for.

But seriously though, how amazing would a modern day Maniac Mansion show be? It could be filled with a ton of amazing weekly horror and sci fi elements featuring more in-depth and long term story arcs? Maybe we should just keep our mouths shut and write the pilot ourselves, but seriously, we’d all be totally down!

Are you looking forward to this new Fox show or are you going to have to wait until the trailers start coming out in order to be sold? As always, throw your thoughts down in the comments section below!

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