First Trailer For Logan (Wolverine 3) is Here and It’s a Bombshell! 


With all of the rumors that have been swirling and photos dropping, we finally got our first real taste of the upcoming Fox flock, Logan, which is the set to be the third (or seventh) installment of the Wolverine franchise.

The film was said to follow the Old Man Logan storyline from the comics and it would appear that it is in fact going with a very loose interpretation of the film while imparting a lot of new, and welcome, aspects.

So far the movie looks like some kind western/apocalyptic survival film with the trailer using Johnny Cash’s infamous cover of Nine Inch Nails’, Hurt.

In it we see Hugh Jackman returning as the titular character along with his old friend and mentor, Charles Xaviar (Patrick Stewart), living in world where mutants are in the verge of extinction. We also see a very acrobatic young girl, who will presumably turn out to be X-Men fan favorite and Wolverine clone, X-23.

Logan comes out on March 3rd, 2017.

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