Final Trailer for James Bond ‘Spectre’ Released


Earlier today Sony released the final trailer for the new James Bond movie, Spectre. The movie, starring Daniel Craig, hits theaters on November 6th, 2015.

The trailer gives us a look into James Bond’s world of expansive landscapes and dark set pieces while giving us just enough out of context action to keep us guessing on the intricacies of the plot. We do see a great standoff between Craig’s Bond and Christopher Waltz’s, Franz Oberhauser, who is presumably a higher up within the evil Spectre organization.

It would appear that there a host of call backs to older Bond films and stories and the hillarious dudes over at Mr. Sunday Movies did a great video on the 2nd trailer for this movie that calls attention to a lot of that to the point where they go so far as to suggest that this film could be an interpretation of 1969’s, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. In fact, the make some pretty assertive guesses about some of the characters, so if you don’t want any potential spoilers, you may not want to watch it, but I’ve gone ahead and included their video below directly underneath the Spectre trailer.

The new Bond theme song was also released earlier this week which also feels like a sexy, sultry call back to an older era of spy film which could also point to the fact that this movie isn’t exactly what it seems to be. Again, I’ve provided the video for that below smack dab under the Mr. Sunday Movies video.

What do you think, could this film ultimately wind up being a remake or retelling of OHMSS or are people reading too deeply into things as we usually tend to do? Let us know what you think the comments section blow.

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