Dr. Strange Will Be an Origin Story


Well, the folks over at Nerdist are telling us that, according to Marvel’s Kevin Feige, their upcoming film, Dr. Strange, will be an origin story for the character despite earlier rumors that the film would focus on an already established version of the character.

In Dan Casey’s newest video, he explains that according to Feige, Strange’s origin story is so original, unique, and classic that it would be a shame not to tell it. Unlike films like Spiderman, where we’ve been given his origin so many times that it’s starting to lessen the impact of Uncle Ben’s death, we haven’t yet seen the origin of Dr. Stephen Strange, unless of course you also watch Marvel’s animated films, in which case you’ve already seen a pretty well done version of it.

There were also the early rumors that we could see Dr. Strange show up before his theatrical solo debut in the Netflix show, Ironfist, but as of now, that’s still an unsubstantiated rumor, but the character was also mentioned in last years Captain American; Winter Soldier, as having been identified as a possible threat to Hydra. Does that mean that the film could take place before eitehr of these two events? It’s fully possible, but either way, check the video below to hear Casey talk a little bit about it more in-depth.

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