Did Cable Breakup Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller: More on the Deadpool Directors Departure


Wow, earlier we reported that Deadpool 2 director, Tim Miller, had reportedly dropped off of the film due to creative differences with star, Ryan Reynolds, and now there are some reports citing what those differences may have been.

According to The Wrap, Ryan Reynolds received a massive pay bump to sign on to the sequel along with a few extra creative perks, one of which apparently included casting approval for the film. The Wrap is citing this as this final straw for the split which allegedly had the two also squabbling over the films tone. According to the report, Miller wanted something simpler and more stylized whereas Reynolds wanted to fully capitalize on the style of witty and campy humor that lent heavily to the films R-rating.

The “final stray” rift, however, apparently came in the casting for X-Men fan favorite, Cable, who was announced would appear in the sequel during a post credit sequence. There have been a lot of rumors flying around about who would ultimately play the X-Man from the future with early rumors heavily leaning towards Liam Neeson and Ron Pearlman. Stephan Lang was another early fan favorite, but apparently Miller was gunning for Friday Night Lights star, Kyle Chandler.

Chandler is definitely the youngest actor of the bunch, which The Wrap cities has having been the primary issue for Reynolds who wants to go older and have the character more closely resemble his comic book counter part. As an early backer of Ron Perlman, I’ve got to say that I agree with Reynolds on that one and actor-typing characters has worked out extremely well for comic book films in the past. It’s hard to say that Robert Downy Jr. isn’t the perfect Tony Stark as he can not only act like the character (as you would expect most major actors to be able to pull off), but he also looks the part which really lends to the overall believably of his portrayal in the MCU and that’s just one example of many.

The bigger question now lingers as to who the new director will be and will Reynolds take the humor aspect of the film too far this time out? Can the humor go too far with a character like Deadpool? Will the movie feel the same without Miller? As of now it’s hard to tell, but we’re pretty excited to find out not only who will direct, but who Reynolds will choose to play Deadpool’s “best pal”, Cable.

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