Deadpool Promises Comic Accurate Colossus and A Lot of Him


From the sound of things, when we finally get to see Colossus show up in Fox’s newest take on Deadpool, we should be getting a pretty good showing as it seems like he’ll be a bigger part of the film than we were initially lead to believe.

He is of course the character that serves to tie the character of Deadpool back to Fox’s larger, X-Men franchise, however, some fans of been skeptical as to whether or not Deadpool needs to have other characters shoehorned into the movie for the sole purpose of reminding viewers that this film is indeed canonical with both First Class and Days of Future Past.

They are, however, pulling out the stops when it comes to this version of Colossus, having hired 6′ 10″ actor, Andre Tricotruex, to tackle the role. Tech Times recently had the opportunity to talk with Tricotruex on his upcoming role and how he expects things to play out in the film.

“The Colossus you’re going to see in Deadpool is very true to the original character in the comic book. [Director] Tim Miller had a really clear vision, and the Deadpool people had a really clear vision of what they wanted. They wanted Colossus to be very traditional to the original story,” tells Tricotruex.

Further more, Tricotruex told Tech Times that, ” I think you’re going to get to see more of who Colossus is. Like I said, we kept him really traditional to the comic book. So yes, I think people will get a better sense of who he is. But I think there’s still a lot more to be told about him. Colossus has been around in the comics since the ’70s, so I mean, I think you could do your own movie on him. Yeah, you’re going to get to see a little bit more of who he is and kind of his outlook on the world.”

So, what do you think, are you excited to see Colossus show up in Deadpool or should Marvel’s merc-with-a-mouth be left to his own devices? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and if you want, you can re-watch the trailer for the 700th time!

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