Deadpool Gets a Composer; Junkie XL Officially On Board


We got some INCREDIBLE news today about the upcoming Deadpool movie in that they’ve finally gone and landed themselves a composer for the film. In a single it Tweet is was confirmed that Tom Holkenborn, better known to the rest of the world as Junkie XL, would be taking on the project.

Tom Holkenborg Junkie_XL Twitter

Junkie XL’s most recent score for Mad Max: Fury Road has been critically praised and is considered by many to be a crucial component of what made that film work on the level that it did, along with the incredible directing and insane performances of course.

He’s also set to lend a hand to Hans Zimmer on the upcoming Batman V. Superman; Dawn of Justice score, but we’re really excited to see what he’ll bring to the table for Deadpool. We’re hoping for something really fun and unique that can really add to all of the other things this film seems to have going for it.

After Mad Max, we’re sure that Holkenborn can deliver, but what do you think? How will this effect the overall movie or do you even care? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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