DC Reveals Identity of Dead Robin from ‘Batman V. Superman’ As Though it Were a Secret


In what equates to almost absolutely nothing, DC/Warner Bros. finally let the cat out of the bag as to the identity of their DCEU Robin, who’s statue can be seen briefly in Batfleck’s bat-cave.

HINT: It’s Jason Todd.

Normally I probably wouldn’t even bother to write anything on this, but in this particular case, it’s one more step in the road to showing how much about their fan base they just don’t understand. The big reveal of information came from a video post they put up to showcase their Warner Bros. Studio DC exhibit in which the tour guide says that the Robin mantle we see in the movie belongs to Jason Todd. Then, with a wink and a nod, explains that comic book fans will know the backstory that goes along with it before he exclaims, “Comic book fans unite!”

It’s lame and mostly harmless press fluff, which is fine, but the reveal is ridiculous none-the-less.

Look at it like this; the comic fans that do know, know. Just like the guy in the video explains. We don’t need it spoon-fed to us, but further more, for the fans that might not know and are newish to the deeper world of DC, they don’t know who Jason Todd is so why bother to spoil it in a silly exhibit. Presumably it’s going to be something that will be addressed at a later point in their cinematic universe, so let the people learn the story as you tell it.

Again, not a huge deal, but personally, I feel like the marketing of the DCEU has been so incredibly far off-base that it really helped to lead into the Batman V. Superman disaster. The trailers, toys, and various other promotional materials gave us every single plot point to the film leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination to the point where I (and many other people) felt as though they’d already seen the movie before actually having seen it.

Think about it; if you take all of the trailers, TV spots, and clips that they released as promotional material before the film, it adds up to more total time than the entire Batman V. Superman fight in the movie. By a lot. If you look at the two most successful superhero movies this year, Deadpool and Civil War, you’ll notice that the trailers didn’t spoil anything in the movies. The plot twists were all kept in tact and the films remained fresh and enjoyable. DC/Warner Bros. just can’t seem to get that formula figured out although they still seem to deny that their marketing didn’t give away too much despite the fact that we’ve all seen the movie now and know that the final version of Doomsday that we see is the version of Doomsday we had previously seen in the trailer. Maybe had they showed his first form in the trailer it would’ve been a big surprise when he mutated into an even bigger more ridiculous looking monster, but instead when we saw him. We already knew that he was going to somehow evolve into what he looked like in the trailer.

Anyway, DC likes to play their cards too early revealing the obvious and insulting the intelligence of die-hard fans while ruining plot points for potential future stories when it comes to their movie universe. At least that’s my opinion on the matter, but what do you think? As always, let me know in the comments section below.

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