Dave ‘Drax the Destroyer’ Bautista Weighs in on Guardians/Avengers Crossover


While making the rounds to promote his latest film endeavor, Spectre, Dave ‘Drax the Destroyer’ Bautista took the opportunity to address the possibility of an Avengers/Guardians of the Galaxy team up in Marvels Avengers: Infinity Wars.

While chatting with the folks from Screen Rant, Bautista expressed his willingness to do the films by explaining, “Yeah, come on, man. Hell yeah. Yeah, of course I would. At the core of me is the biggest geek you’ve ever met. I’m a superhero fan first and foremost, and…of course, man, I want that to happen. It’s rumors right now, but, you know, I pray every day…and night, and afternoon, and after you walk out the door I’ll go pray and say, “Please let Drax be in ‘The Avengers.’ ” [Laughter] Yeah, I hope it’ll happen.”

Well folks, there’s one more person who’s down for the ride and we can only imagine that’s what the folks at Marvel have in store, but what do you think? By adding the Guardians to the Avengers is Marvel putting too many cooks in their kitchen or do we want them to cram that movie to the brim with heroes? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and you can watch the full interview with Bautista below.

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