Daredevil Season 2 Sets Up Rise of the Punisher


Today we were treated to the brand new trailer for Marvel’s upcoming season of Daredevil and seriously, we couldn’t possibly be any more excited. While yesterday brought us a short teaser for the trailer, what dropped today gives us our first real good look into where the season is headed and by the looks of it, it’s headed somewhere dark. Really dark.

The trailer largely focuses on the rise of the Punisher and makes use of the tagline, “You’re just one bad day away from being me.”

Matt Murdock/Daredevil has been questioning his role as a vigilante since the beginning of the first season. Forced to use the Punisher as a reflection of himself, he’ll be forced to further address these issues especially in light of the fact that his nemesis, the Kingpin, has been put away. Does he need to go to such extreme lengths with his major foe out of the way or can he now focus on fighting his battles through his law practice? It’s clearly the question of the hour, but odds are, by the seasons end, we’ll have a good idea as to how the Daredevil will fit within the realm of Hell’s Kitchen.

The Punisher, whose real name is Frank Castle, is a former special operative who’s family was murdered by the mob. Because of this, he is driven to bring any and all criminals to justice through whatever means necessary and as a result, he’s incredibly violent and often resorts to murder as a means to bring his enemies down, unlike traditional heroes who generally allow the law to deal with criminal punishment. Frequently this puts him at odds against Marvel’s other more traditional heroes. He’s typically viewed to be more of an anti-hero than he is a traditional hero or villain.

This seems like the perfect foil to further the story of Matt Murdock and crew, plus we get a little bit more of Electra in the trailer. It’s still unclear if she’ll show up as a love interest, a villain, an anti-hero, or some other kind of neutral character, but we’re certainly excited to find out.

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