Crazy New Theory for The Flash; Who is Jay Garrick?


To be honest, I love the idea of a good old fashioned fan theory and after watching this weeks episode of The Flash, the opportunity to come up with one is just to good to resist. With that being said, if you haven’t been keeping up with The Flash or if you haven’t yet seen last nights episode, titled Escape from Earth-2, then you should probably stop reading now because, on the off chance that I could be right, SPOILERS!!!


Last nights episode gave us an awful lot to speculate about. Not only did Jay Garrick finally receive the Velocity-9 speed formula, but it actually proved that it had the potential to regenerate and cure the cellular damage that had been done from his initial Velocity experiments. While we don’t know a lot about the previous incarnations of the Velocity formula, it was clear that Harrison Wells had something to do with it’s development, but also that Jay had been utilizing the earlier versions after he lost his speed to Zoom.

In addition to Jay’s developments, we also got to see the mystery man in the mask, who was presumably imprisoned by Zoom, along with Barry and Well’s Daughter, Jesse Quick. The man in the mask managed to tap out a message to Barry and Jesse using a special code, but was only able to knock out one word before Zoom himself interrupted. That word; Jay.

This has led to a lot of speculation on the web. In fact, has an article that lays out four different theories as to who Jay Garrick could be or how the man in the mask could be tied into the rest of the story. If you’re interested in some other theories, I suggest you check there, but none of them quite seem to hold enough water, so instead I posit this; Jay Garrick has a twin and that twin is none other than Hunter Zolomon.

If they exist on Earth-1 as twins that had been separated at birth, it stands to reason that they same could be said of their Earth-2 counterparts.

This would definitely be a new twist on the character, but here me out before you blast me to bits here. Jay has already shown us his Earth-1 counterpart whose name is Hunter Zolomon. His name is different because his mother died during childbirth and he was eventually adopted by the Zolomon family, but imagine instead that the person Jay brought Caitlin Snow to see was NOT Zolomon, but was in fact Earth-1’s Jay Garrick. The Jay Garrick that we know is in fact Earth-1’s Hunter Zolomon.

If you stop to think about it, it does make perfect sense. Again, here me out…

Imagine that Zoom had already kidnapped Earth-2’s Jay Garrick/The Flash before the portals to Earth-1 were opened. That would leave Earth-2’s Flash absent for a while leading to negative feelings on the part of the public and Harrison Wells, which is once of the reasons why Well’s perpetually refers to Jay as a coward. It is very possible that Zoom is Earth-2’s Hunter Zolomon which is how he new Jay Garrick was the Flash and how he was able to eventually capture him; inside information.

When the breaches first opened, the first thing Zoom would do, would be to hunt down his Earth-1 counterparts just in case they could also access the Speed Force. Instead he finds that both his and his siblings counterparts depowered and that instead someone else inherited the Speed Force on Earth-1. In an effort to flush out Earth-1’s version of the Flash, Zoom took his Earth-1 doppelganger and brought him back to Earth-2 in order to convince Well’s that he was Earth-2’s version of the Flash and that somehow Zoom had stolen his speed. Together they work to create the original Velocity formula which ultimately doesn’t work, but he has convinced Well’s that he is in fact Earth-2 Jay Garrick. After the original Velocity trials don’t pan out, Zoom sends his counterpart to Earth-1 to help draw out the Flash in another way. Well’s previous familiarity with the impostor is what allows him to accept him when he also crosses over to Earth-1 and allow events to unfold the way that they have.

This would mean that the man in the mask is not only the real Earth-2 Jay Garrick, but it could also mean that he still has his powers and that Zoom hasn’t actually fully figured out how to take the Speed Force from someone. We know for a fact that he needs Well’s in order to get the Speed Force from Earth-1 Barry Allen, so how could he have gotten the Speed Force from Earth-2’s Jay Garrick if Well’s didn’t help him do it? While we know that Well’s has the means, as he stole a little of Barry’s speed to give to Zoom as a show of good faith, we have only taken Jay’s word that Zoom took his speed from him during a fight. This is all part of a long con on the part of Earth-2’s Hunter Zolomon/Zoom.

This whole theory could also work if Jay Garrick is actually Earth-1’s Jay Garrick and not Hunter Zolomon as we’ve been shown that personalities can greatly be contrasted on the different Earths. That could mean that on Earth-1, Jay could have the evil tendencies while Hunter is mild-mannered, but either way, it’s pretty sound.


Okay, I KNOW that’s a lot to take it, but it also seems like the most reasonable plot scenario I can think of at the moment. I know that people are speculating that the man in the mask could be a different speedster altogether, but this theory allows Earth-2’s Jay Garrick/The Flash to retain his Golden Age heroism without having to sacrifice his integrity.

So what do you think? Do you like this theory or you not sold? I’d love to know your thoughts and theories, so please, let me know in the comments section below!

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