Could EW Give Us Our First Big Look at Tom Holland’s Spider-Man AND More From Civil War?


Rumors have been swirling around the internet for over a week now in regard to whether or not Marvel’s Captain America; Civil War trailer will finally drop or not. The newest rumors are suggesting that, much to the dismay of fans, we might just have to wait a little while longer to catch a glimpse at some of the footage, but the news isn’t as bleak as all that…

The newest word on the rumor mill is that in an effort to not be outdone by last week’s Suicide Squad spread in Empire Magazine, that the folks at Marvel have teamed up with the folks over at Entertainment Weekly in order to do their own huge spread which could lead to the first imagery of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

While the validity of this is still unknown, it does seem like something that could be pretty reasonably real. The people over at Warner Bros. have been dropped little nuggets for the Suicide Squad on and off since the movies announcement and it’s not due out until late next summer; well after the release of Civil War.

In fact, Marvel’s about due for a giant media dump, so we wouldn’t be terribly surprised if we got our first trailer along with a full media dump via Entertainment Weekly all in the same day. It would certainly steer some of the thunder away from what Warner Bros. have got going on and Civil War would again be engrained into the minds of nerds across the globe, that is until Star Wars drops in December. The other rumor suggests that the trailer will be release prior to Star Wars, but in our opinion, if Star Wars is as good as we all hope it’ll be, than the Civil War trailer could be forgotten or pushed aside due to Star Wars hype. It makes more sense to debut it nowish and then replay it again before Star Wars, but than again, maybe that’s just us.

What do you think, are you excited to see a lot of the media promotions for the movie are would you rather just wait and be surprised. As always, give us your two cents in the comments section below!

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