Could Deadpool Host SNL? Fan’s Have Made it Clear That’s What They Want


Let’s face it, Deadpool has been EVERYWHERE lately, and we’re pretty okay with that. Not only has the movie raked in almost $200M in it’s first week, which is unheard of for an R rated movie released in February, but the viral campaign that helped make it so successful continues onward.

Now that fans, both old and new, have had their taste of a live action version of our favorite merc-with-a-mouth, they just can’t get enough and now there’s a big online push and petition to have Deadpool, NOT Ryan Reynolds, host an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live.

The petition campaign has actually gained a lot of traction and at the time of writing this, was just under 5,000 signature away from the 50,000 goal. That’s right, currently 45,210 people have signed over their email addresses in order to get their favorite 4th wall-breaker in front of a live studio audience.

So far as we know, if this were to actually go down, it would mark the first time in SNL’s history that an actor hosted the show fully in character, but with a character as lively as Deadpool, it really does make sense. Sure, they’d have to tone down his style of clearly ‘R’ rated humor, but it could be pretty easily done and as long as they have somebody at the button ready to bleep out any potential slipped cuss words, everything should be five by five.

Personally, I haven’t watched an episode of SNL in years, but if they had Deadpool host, I’d be remiss not to watch it, but what do you think, could this work? Are you a current SNL fan? Would you rather Deadpool be left to his own devices? As always, let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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