‘Conventional’; a Horror Short Written & Directed by Karen Gillan [WATCH]


If you’re a fan of really well done short films, this new one from Guardians of the Galaxy and Dr. Who alum, Karen Gillan, is a must see.

Gillan wrote and directed the short horror commentary piece, which is beautifully well done and tells the poignant story of a young actress who managed to get cast in a low budget horror film and now resorts to the convention scene in order to try and stay relevant. The films invokes chilling, yet elegant, and simple imagery in order to conjure the real horrors that lie behind the curtain of the Hollywood horror scene which attracts a bounty of young women with the lure of glamour and then casts them aside for younger, more attractive versions of themselves after a film or two.

We give this short film a solid ‘A’ for it’s relevance and simplicity making it one of the most chilling horror films we’ve seen in a while. You can watch the full 9 minute short below.

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