Gives Us 5 Reasons to be Psyched About Heroes Reborn and Why We’re Not Buying It



We hate to tell you this, but since you probably already know, NBC’s show, Heroes, was easily one of the worst, mishandled shows to ever hit television. The show centered around a group of individuals who were given superpowers at the onset of a special eclipse. While viewers were initially intrigued at the show that was basically an X-Men clone, the show rapidly ran down hill, especially after it’s initial season.

The show was middling at best and complete rubbish at its worst. For a show that was supposed to focus on people with powers, most of the show centered on their day to day drama with little payoff in the powers department, especially in the later seasons. There was a lot of lead up, for little to no payoff and everybody involved seemed to idol around the fact that the show had severe issues.

While it certainly had promise, the show just couldn’t commit to giving the viewers what they wanted, instead opting to deliver overtly complicated and ever course correcting plots that lead only to the shows cancellation after it’s 4th season.

With that all being said, NBC is giving show creator Tim Kring another crack at it with a new show called, Heroes Reborn. The show picks up sometime after the events of the first and many of the characters that we were actually interested in seeing progress are not returning. There are a handful of original cast members coming back, a few of which will be kind of cool to see, but by and large, we’re guessing that this 13 episode limited run mini-series isn’t going to be worth the time.

It would appear, however, that the folks at disagree. Having been given preliminary access to the first two episodes, the web-mag claims that it’s off to a great start citing 5 major reasons why people should care and give it a shot. Unfortunately, we feel that they’re claims are hardly convincing as they cite things like new powers, new cast members, and things that ring reminiscent of what people actually liked about the original series. That all sounds good, great, and fine, but in the end, the first incarnation of the show had all of those things. It was the complicated story lines and a perceived lack of budget which would have actually allowed them to show off the “cool powers” which were ultimately the shows undoing.

In the end, we’re not at all sold, and while you all know that we’ll likely be there to watch it, our expectations are set incredibly low. Hopefully we’ll be proven wrong. I mean, we’d all LOVE for Heroes to actually work, but given NBC’s history of fairly crappy TV (and the recent cancellation of their one good show, Hannibal) we’re just not so sure they can pull it off.

But what do you think? Can Heroes compete with some of the great comic television that currently exists? Will Heroes Reborn be the breakout hit of the fall or will it be the nail in NBC’s dream of actually pulling off a show about superheroes?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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