Catching Up on Luke Cage in a Hurry: Learn About the Character with These Video Aids


For those of you who are super anxious to watch Netflix and Marvel’s new collab series, Luke Cage, we don’t blame you. Based on the characters introduction in last years Jessica Jones and all of the trailers they’ve put out, this could easily shape up to be one of Netflix and Marvel’s best efforts to date (it currently sits at 93% on Rotten Tomatoes!).

The show looks both gritty and funny taking to the streets of Harlem like we haven’t seen done before, but if you’re entirely unfamiliar with Luke Cage and want to do a little pre-release cramming, we’ve put together a great selection of videos from some of our favorite YouTubers, including Comics Explained, Comicstorian, and Nerdist, that’ll help you to understand the character and his story just a little bit better.

While the show officially releases tomorrow (September 30th, 2016), in reality it’ll hit Netflix sometime between midnight and 1am tonight and you get bet your purse that we’ll be up taking in at least a few episodes tonight, but what about  you? If you’re awake feel free to hit us up on Twitter with your thoughts. As always, we’re always happy to hear from you!

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