Carrie Kelley’s ‘Robin’ May Get Her Own Series Explains Frank Miller


There’s just something about Carrie Kelley that I’ve always liked. Perhaps its that I’ve always had an affinity for the character of Robin or that I’ve found the majority of them (sans Jason Todd) to be fairly relatable. They’re always a younger character with an incredible skill set working alongside the worlds greatest detective, something I spent much of my youth doing… okay, you got me, I never did any of that, but still, I’ve always like Robin.

With that being said, in a recent interview with about his upcoming Dark Knight III, writer Frank Miller made the proclamation that he intends on doing an entire series centered around Carrie Kelley’s Robin. According to Miller, “Well, to me, she always has had the potential for longevity. I would love to do a series — in fact, I intend to do a series of her and her alone that would be very much like a comic book Nancy Drew series. It would be her detective stories. They would be smaller-sized, they would be designed to that they could be, even though they would be comic books, they would be comic books for children. That’s something I intend to do. Just picture a small figure of Robin on a cover holding a magnifying glass.”

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love the idea. I love it even more than the entirety of Miller’s Dark Knight series. Perhaps it’s because she’s the one true character that belongs to Miller’s Dark Knight universe. The majority of the other characters and heroes are renditions of characters that we knew in various other incarnations and are staples of the overarching DC Universe, but Kelley, she was born into Miller’s version of an aged, dystopian Gotham City. She’s the one that truly belongs there and I would love to watch her move and maneuver that universe solving a series of chaotic mysteries.

Granted, Miller wants to make this a book for people of all ages, which it could easily lend itself to, but it could also lend itself towards darker and more adult themes. Either way, we’re eager to see if this ever gets off the ground as we’d be first in line for the book.

What do you think? Would you read a Carrie Kelley solo mystery series? As per the usual, let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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