‘Captain America; Civil War’ Trailer: Our Thoughts, Reactions, and Speculations


So late last night we finally got our hands on the trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Captain America; Civil War and we couldn’t be more excited. The trailer offers us our first real look into the film and gives a ton of fodder for speculation, which is exactly what we’re going to do. Please be warned that our speculation, while based on nothing more than what we’ve seen already, could in fact contain some pretty major spoilers, so if you’re not interested in knowing, just look at the screen shots, cool images, posters, and then watch the trailer itself and skip the heavy reading. We have know idea of knowing just how good we are at guessing plot points, so while these are all PURELY GUESSES, you have been fully warned.



It seems like this film will likely start off with Cap and Falcon resuming their hunt for Bucky ‘The Winter Soldier’ Barnes as we saw them setup at the end of Captain America; Winter Soldier and was again hinted at during the party scene of Avengers; Age of Ultron. We’re guessing that they pick up on a lead that brings them to Germany where a band of Hydra terrorists lead by Crossbones, the new persona of Frank Rumlow after the events of Winter Soldier left him burned and disfigured,  blow up a high profiled building in an effort to frame Barnes. It’s the framing of the Winter Soldier that then leads into the installation of the Sarkovia Accords, a set of rules that seeks to establish government control over the actions of heroes while laying out the foundations for accountability at the cost of heroes privacy. We can actually see a copy of the accords passed to who we perceive to be the Wanda Maximoff (the Scarlet Witch), whose hometown of Sarcovia was destroyed during the events of Age of Ultron.

We’re guessing that Scarlet Witch will be one of the first people approached to sign off on the accords after the death of her brother during the destruction of their home city, but having been there and armed with an understanding of what actually transpired, she’ll ultimately reject the accords and hop on team Cap.


After the framing of Barnes for the terrorist attack in Germany, it’s our guess that information will somehow leak to Tony Stark that the Winter Soldier was also responsible for the death of his parents. We learned that Stark’s parents were killed due to a Hydra generated ‘accident’ when Cap and Black Widow infiltrated the old SHIELD base during Winter Soldier and discovered the existence of Arnim Zola, the Red Skulls former second in command. This will be the factor that pushes Tony over the edge and insist that the Sarkovia Accords must go through in his attempt to bring the now reformed Winter Solider to justice.


In regard to the Black Panther, it would also seem logical that the Winter Soldier is somehow tied to the death of his father and the potential infiltration of his home country of Wakanda. This could be what lead to Andy Serkis’, Ulysses Claw, to escape the country with the vibranium that he had control of during Age of Ultron. This will initially put the Panther on team Iron Man, but we’re guessing that once he realizes that the Winter Soldier was effectively brain washed for over 70 years, he’ll get over it and join team Cap.

We know that Hawkeye is on team Cap and we’re just going to take a stab in the dark and say that it’s because the Sarkovia accords would force him to give up his personal information, including the whereabouts of his off-the-books safe-house that we saw in Age of Ultron, in an effort to keep his family and newborn baby boy safe.


While we already know that Black Widow is on team Iron Man, we’re guessing that it also has more to do with her personal grudge against the Winter Soldier and little to do with the accords themselves. In the movie, Winter Soldier, she gives a detailed explanation of her first encounter with Barnes which left shot and left for dead.

If there’s any theme in particular that you should be picking up on now, is that most of team Iron Man is going to be out for revenge against the Winter Solider and that the Sarkovia accords are little more than an afterthought and a means to which they can use to bring Barnes in to custody. It’s also likely that team Iron Man is largely under the influence of Hydra who are probably going to be responsible for leaking all of the Winter Solider intel to team Iron Man. In fact, it’s our assumption that the films third act could find both teams figuring out that their strings are being pulled and that ultimately they come together to lay the smack down on Daniel Bruhl’s, Baron Zemo, and his evil henchman, Crossbones, in an effort to exonerate Bucky.


Notably absent from the trailer are the Vision, Ant-Man, and Spider-Man. It’s unclear how these characters will fit into the film, but it would be safe to assume that Ant-Man joins team Cap at the behest of Anthony Mackie’, Falcon, and that the Vision will make a potential flip-flop from team Iron Man over to team Cap, possible due to his love interest, the Scarlet Witch. As far Spider-Man, all bets are currently off, although he’ll also pull the switch from team Iron Man to team Cap. Ultimately, team Iron Man will consist of Iron Man and Iron Man alone as the films plot twists gradually unfold leaving Tony to realize his latest error and again join the team, now fully lead by Captain America, in their battle against Hydra. We’re also guessing that the Sarkovia accords are really just an elaborate Hydra plot to help restrict the heroes allowing them more control with less interference…


But then again, who knows.

These are just predictions and guesses and whatnot. We could be 1000% wrong and we’d be totally fine with that. No matter how you cut it, the film looks amazing and we couldn’t be more excited for May 6th, 2016! Until then though, check out some of these sweet posters, this really good Black Panther gif, and then of course watch the actual trailer and let us know what your thoughts, theories, and speculations are down in the comments section below!




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