Captain America: Civil War is a Triumph [SPOILER FREE]


Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War has thus far been met with a ton of critical praise and after finally having had the chance to see the movie for myself, I totally get it. The film is stark (no pun intended?) in it’s approach to realistic arguments and the various perspectives taken from the different heroes guided by their past and current experiences. The movie explores a mostly solid narrative that captures the essence of the arguments behind government intervention and there effects on global affairs while delving deep into the idea of personal responsibility and consequence.

Civil War largely builds on everything that’s happened to date so far in the MCU with elements of most of their movies coming into play in some way shape or form. The budding team of Avengers are still trying to workout their place, role, and function on the world stage and they all have a level of understanding in regard to the potentially hazardous consequences of their actions. The films big question seeks to ask if the team would be better off having some level of multi-governmental oversight or are the Avengers best left to their own devices when deciding when to get involved in conflicts that might be outside the realm of normal police or military action.

The question is met with two varying opinions, each of which carries its own weight. On one hand, these are people capable of tremendous feats with a wide range of power. Having governmental ovesight to ensure that they’re taking proper action along with measures that ensure they’re to be held accountable should things go wrong makes a certain amount of sense. When and where things start to go wrong, governments would have the ability to call the Avengers into action ensuring a certain level of accuracy to their strikes while potentially minimizing collateral damage. In addition, it pulls the personal responsibility off of the individual Avengers and instead shifts it back onto the governments. This is the opinion of Team Iron Man.

On the other hand, governments often have agenda which often generate political reasons for action or in some cases, inaction. This could potentially prevent Avengers from going to help where they’re needed or could send them into politically driven war-zones for reasons they don’t agree with. Their powers could be considered governmental weapons designed to aid larger super-powered nations. Having control of their own actions allows them to retain their own level of personal responsibility and allows them to help where they deem most appropriate. This is the opinion of Team Cap.

This is a legitimate debate and it helps to drive the overall narrative, however, there are of course curve-balls which immediately pop-up that help to demonstrate the flaws in both sides of the overall argument. The film does an excellent job refraining to answer the question for the audience and instead we’re left to choose for ourselves.

If there’s any one real critique of this film, it’s that at times it falters to feel like a Captain America solo movie due to the sheer number of characters in the film. It does very much continue on with the tone of Captain America: Winter Solider and Captain America is definitely the overall through line, although the other characters are just as engaging and interesting as the titular hero’s. In fact, the Russo Brothers did an incredible job directing such a large ensemble cast. No matter what character you tend to like the best, you don’t feel shortchanged on any of them as the film manages to give everyone the attention and depth that they deserve.

The addition of the universes two newest heroes were also huge film highlights. Finally fans are given the Spider-Man that we’ve all been waiting for. This character has a drive for great things, yet is torn by his own personal responsibilities. Black Panther also gives us a nice outside perspective on the Avengers as a somewhat neutral character who is more interested in his own personal mission than he is about the internal conflicts within the team. In fact, he’s a lot more inline with Captain America in regard to his own personal motivations than he is anyone else which creates a great dynamic since he’s technically on the opposing side.

Ultimately, Captain American: Civil War is huge win for Marvel as they again prove themselves to be fully on top of the blockbuster game. In terms of a fast paced action flick with a solid overall through line, quality character development, and high stakes, this film completely hits the mark.

Captain America: Civil War is currently playing in theaters across the globe.

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