Brand New Lex/OS Drops From LexCorp for #NYCC


Well, it appears that viral marketing for Batman V. Superman; Dawn of Justice is alive and well at the New York Comic Con. In a special video made for the event, LexCorp makes a special announcement for a brand new operating system predictably titled, Lex/OS.

This is dropping after yesterday’s profile of LexCorp and Lex Luthor Jr. himself in Fortune Magazine that outlines the young entrepreneurs rise to takeover his fathers petrochemical conglomerate.

In addition to the new OS announcement, they’ve also promised free mobile charging devices to comic con goers, so we’re interested to see how they live up to that promise, especially since in yesterdays Fortune article, Lex was quoted as having said, “Handouts don’t change the world. The true gift of LexCorp is our products. We are on the cusp of unveiling a technology that will change the world forever.”

So what do you think about this new LexCorp and the viral campaign behind it. Let us know what you think in the comments section below or if you’d like to read our response to yesterdays Fortune article, you can read that here.

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