BBC To Resurrect the Legendary Count Duckula


Back in September, the BBC decided to bring back and adapt an old cartoon property from the 80’s known as Danger Mouse. While that name may not mean a lot to some people, those in the know were pretty excited and for those people out there who are me, we got excited about what that could mean in terms of resurrecting another old character that originally made their appearance on Danger Mouse; Count Duckula.

Who’s Count Duckula you ask? Well, I’m glad you did. Watch the intro below to get a small taste of just how amazing Duckula was…

That’s right, Count Duckula is both a duck and a vampire, but with one caveat; he’s a vegetarian.

In the lore of the series, the title of Count Duckula is actually part of a grand linage of vampire ducks. Just like other vampires they can be killed with a wooden stake through the heart or sunlight, but they can also be resurrected through the use of a special spell that requires the use of human blood. In the case of our beloved vegetarian version of the character, a mistake was made in the ritual and ketchup was used in lieu of blood leading to his unholy craving for vegetables.

Amazing, no?!

Seriously, it’s a pretty great premise for a kids show especially when you couple that with his desire to be an entertainer, his henchman Igor’s need to try to turn him back into a regular vampire, and his arch nemesis, Dr. Von Goosewing, who is hellbent on sending Duckula back into the depths of hell purely because he refuses to believe that the Count is actually harmless.

As for his current iteration, he’ll be re-debuting as a villain on Danger Mouse, which is how he was originally introduced to audiences. It’s our hope that just as with the original, they’ll spin him off into his own series. We’re also hoping that it’ll release on Netflix or something so that we have easier access to the show. In fact, it’d be great if they put out the full original series on some streaming service or another, but we’re guessing that’s not likely, especially since they only released the first season of four of the original show here in the United States. You can catch a few episodes on YouTube in you’re interested in learning more.

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