Batman V Superman; Ultimate Edition or Ultimate Waste?


If there’s anything one thing in this world that the release of the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition proves, it’s that there are a lot of people out there that really, REALLY, wanted to like this movie and that it’s not just a sea of haters trying to sink a film because they prefer the MCU. Released earlier this week, it’s been met with a lot more praise than the initial theatrical release, but then again the praise it’s getting tends to come with all kinds of face-saving caveats and backpedaling. What I can tell you about the movie is that if you didn’t like it in the first place, don’t bother spending your money on this one because it’s really not all that different.

There are a few extended scenes that do help round out certain story lines and fill in a few plot holes here in there, but it’s all mostly in regard to several of the smaller B plots that really don’t matter much anyway. When it comes to the main meat of the movie, it’s still riddled with the same drab tone and irrational story telling that the original cut had and it doesn’t do anything to better setup (or resolve) the actual fight between Batman and Superman (‘your moms name is Martha too?!’). It gives the two main characters a little bit more reason to distrust each other despite the fact that their reasons are hypocritical at best which was the same issue I had with the theatrical release. Batman doesn’t like Superman because he’s all smashy-smashy-kill-kill and Superman doesn’t like Batman because he’s all smashy-smashy-kill-kill. It doesn’t make sense and neither character ever stops to question their methods vs. the others which would’ve lead to an early theatrical revelation that they should be friends and just smashy-smashy-kill-kill together in peace and harmony.

There is a bit of an extended scene that has Clark talking to an old black man scratching off a lottery ticket who very briefly explains that while the Batman has been around for a long time, he’s become particularly brutal as of late. This is kind of nice because now we know for sure that Batman has gone off the rails for some reason and is operating in a way he wouldn’t normally. Whereas Zach Snyder and a bunch of behind the scenes rumors and gossip let people who follow that kind of thing (like myself) know that was going to be the case, the film did nothing to show the regular viewer that Batman wasn’t just some psychotic menace on the streets of Gotham. This little bit of footage, and it’s about 30 seconds long at most, is the most redeeming part of the Ultimate Edition release.

The new footage that puts Jenna Malone back into the movie only serves to show us why they removed her in the first place. Yeah, she does help Lois Lane figure out some stuff about the weirdo LexCorp bullets, but it’s clear that she was removed due to all the hype around her potentially playing Barbara Gordon. They probably assumed that fans would be angry that the actress was demoted to such a small character with a very tiny role to play instead of playing the legendary character behind Batgirl. It was indeed a waste of a great actress who could’ve been great at bringing Gordon to life, but instead she was regulated to a S.T.A.R. Labs scientist who could potentially see a bigger role in the Flash or Cyborg films as S.T.A.R. Labs is more closely tied to those characters.

All in all, if you liked Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice you’ll probably like this cut too. It’s 30 minutes longer so it’s really just more movie for you to love or hate, but it doesn’t really do much to change the original story or plug some of the movies glaring plot holes. Honestly, for what it’s worth, I’d just rather have my $20 back.

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