B.D. Wong Cast to Play Hugo Strange in Fox’s ‘Gotham’


In today’s round of casting news, we’ve learned that Fox’s Gotham has finally cast their Dr. Hugo Strange with long time SVU alumni and Jurrasic World mad scientist, BD Wong.

In last weeks episode we were introduced to the Indian Hills research facility, a dark subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises that does some kind of weird work on meta-humans and otherwise evil baddies, which ultimately will somehow tie to Dr. Strange in the show. Strange will also allegedly be in charge of Arkham Asylum, which is where he’s usually found in the comics and DC’s various animated efforts.

According to Comicbook.com, the folks who got the initial scoop on this from someone at Fox, Strange may be introduced in a way that does initially thrust him into the evil villain spotlight, but ultimately his mad scientisting will rear it’s ugly face in a way that presents Strange as Gotham’s greatest threat.

We’re not exactly sure at what point in this season that BD Wong will make his initial appearance, but we’re guessing that it’ll be sometime just before or after the mid-season break.

So what do you think of Wong’s casting? Yay, nay, or something else all together? Wong generally plays fairly mild mannered people, so this should be an interesting role for him to take on, but in the end, we’re pretty excited. Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and/or wildest dreams in the comments section below.

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