Avengers: Infinity Wars Will Cost How Much?!


With everybody ever huddled in New York for this weekends New York Comic Con, we’re starting to get a lot of really incredible info including some fairly interesting rumors.

The folks at Bleeding Cool for instance are claiming that, through a few late night bar discussions with several studio insiders, that they’ve found out just how much Disney and Marvel are prepared to drop on the upcoming, two part Avengers saga conclusion.

According to the website, “In huddled conversation with very well sourced comic book film insiders in New York bars last night, before New York Comic Con, there was one big topic of conversation. That the next two Avengers films, Infinity War Part One and Two, will have a combined production budget of one billion dollars.”

For those that may not be totally aware of how much money films typically cost, this is CRAZY money. The Avengers; Age of Ultron only cost $250M to make, a quarter of what’s planned for the upcoming two-parter.

Apparently $400M of that is being set aside specifically for the screenwriters, directors, producers and principal actors.

So, with that, these two movies should be nothing shy of the visualliest spectacle that we’ve ever seen on the big screen and we cannot wait! Rumor also has it that the entire film will be the first ever shot using entirely IMAX cameras which would seem to be confirmed by the incredible size of the budget.

Well, just how excited for this film are you? Does the size of the budget effect your opinion at all or do you simply not care. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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