Avengers Fight Vision; Marvel Releases New Age of Ultron Cut Scene


With today’s release of Marvel’s Phase 2 Blu-Ray box set, it seems as though we’re getting a few more previously unreleased cut scenes from some of their various Phase 2 projects, including Age of Ultron.

In this new leaked clip we get to see a revised version of the Avengers first encounter with the mind-gem-driven-robot, Vision, which is a little less friendly than the meeting we see in the original theatrical cut. Instead of the small attack which promptly leads to his standing down, he attacks the Avengers full on which culminates in an epic battle between himself and Thor with a little additional help from Tony Stark and Captain America.

It’s interesting to note that this scene gives us a full range of Vision’s powers in a way that many felt were lacking or left ambiguous in the film. Not only do we see Vision’s crazy mind-gem blast that nearly takes out the entirety of Tony Stark’s lab, during the fight we also see Cap’s shield phase straight through him showing us that he has the ability to phase through matter. We do see this later in the film with one of Ultron’s drones, but it’s fairly fast paced and for many viewers, it goes unnoticed.

We also see the Vision dawn his outfit as a sign of aggression in response to Thor’s attack instead of just sprouting a cape as an homage to Thor like we see in the theatrical release.

Anyway, watch the crap out of this clip courtesy of Screen Slam and then let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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