Ash Vs. Evil Dead New Featurette Shows More Ash Being More Awesome



SQUEE!!! We’re SUPER excited for the release of the Starz networks new Ash Vs. Evil Dead show which debuts to the general public on Halloween, but for now Starz is giving us a bit more insight into what to expect from the upcoming series.

Ash Vs. Evil Dead is a continuation of the original Evil Dead series which had Bruce Campbell (Ash Williams) battle an endless horde of demons that he mistakenly had conjured from the magical, Necronomicon Ex Mortis, or Book of the Dead. The hilarious horror/comedy had been long rumored to get a fourth installment, but instead it was announced that a full 13 episode series would continue on with Ash’s plight.

As a precursor to the launch of the show, Starz has released a short featurette on YouTube which serves to bring you up to speed on the events of the ED universe. We also get a bit of detail concerning Ash’s new battle companions and how they’ll factor into the show.

Are you excited for the new Ash Vs. Evil Dead or do you think they should’ve just let it end with Army of Darkness? We’re guessing that you’re pining for more just like everybody else, but please, let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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