Arsenal to Return to Arrow With Some Speculation


One of the biggest glaring issues with the CW’s most recent season of Arrow has been the absence of Colton Haynes character, Arsenal. While the character initially appeared to have been written off the show and has since been seen appearing in a variety of other non-hero related projects, the word is in and Roy ‘Arsenal’ Harper will make his return later this season which he confirmed via Twitter.


Harper was last seen taking the fall for the shows titular character which lead to his temporary imprisonment and subsequent retirement from superheroing. Before leaving the show altogether, he passed on his Arsenal costume to Thea Queen, sister to Oliver ‘Green Arrow’ Queen, who would go on to become known as ‘Speedy’ despite her best efforts to be referred to as ‘Red Arrow’.

While the show definitely left it with a pretty clean break, his absence has been notable as his character helped to add dimension to several of the shows other primary heroes serving as the protege to the Green Arrow. Thea Queen, while currently training with her brother, was initially trained by one of the shows reoccurring villains/occasional anti-hero, Malcom-the-Magician-Ra’s-Al-Ghul-Merlin.

Speculation on the internet suggests that it could’ve been Roy’s headstone that we saw at the beginning of the season in a foreshadowing clip although many speculations have run rampant including that it could be the headstone for Felicity Smoak, Green Arrow’s longtime compatriot and current love interest.

Haynes is set to reprise his role in this seasons 12th episode which is currently expected to air shortly after the shows winter break.

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