Arrow’s Paul ‘Captain Lance’ Blackthorne Dishes on Sarah’s Resurrection and Moving to the Darhk Side


There’s no question that Arrow’s Paul Blackthorne (Captain Lance) is going through some interesting changes this season and has resorted to relying on some less than savory allies. This week promises an interesting change in dynamic between the shows lead, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Blackthorne’s Capt. Lance, but what the shift will bring is yet to be seen. In a recent interview with EW, Blackthorne talked a little bit about the resurrection of his daughter, Sarah Lance, who we know will go on to become the White Canary in the upcoming CW spin-off, Legends of Tomorrow, as well as his alliance with the show’s current big bad, Damien Darhk.

In regard to Sarah’s resurrection, Blackthorne explains, “It’s a bit of a strange situation where you see your resurrected daughter — not for the first time, by the way. Is she dead? Is she alive? Is she dead? Is she alive? It’s becoming old hat now for Lance. But seeing her return in this state is obviously quite a neurotic moment for Lance, because he’s seeing her alive, but immediately sensing something is completely off with her. That does not appear to be his actual daughter in front of him, which is a fairly terrifying realization for him. From that point, it’s how he deals with that that becomes interesting in the episode.”

He continues, “Of course there’s a part of him that wants to reconnect with her. She’s back. He’s looking at her in the flesh. But that’s what’s so tragic about this situation, he knows he can’t connect with her, because he knows she’s not truly there to be connected with. From a father-daughter point of view, that’s pretty horrifying.”

This seems a little bit about what we’d expect Lance to go through given the back and forth he’s had with his daughters over the course of the last three seasons, but really, how much more can the guy take. He’s definitely been through a lot which is one of the major contributing factors to his awkward new alliance on the show.

When asked about his association with Darhk, Blackthorne explained that, “I thought it was interesting. It’s not necessarily the case that if someone does a bad thing, they’re a bad person. Sometimes good people are doing bad things for what, in their mind, are good reasons. That’s how they can justify it in their mind. In this case, at first Darhk was suggesting he was going to be able to help Star City. In the Arrow’s absence during the hiatus, this was a huge thing for Lance, for somebody to help the city after the biological attack in the season 3 finale. It’s a huge incentive to have Darhk work with him.

Also, of course, when he realizes that Darhk is actually particularly dark and not exactly the person he suggested he was going to be, then he’s threatening Laurel, so Lance is pushed into a corner and has to keep working with him to keep his daughter alive. What more incentive motivation could he need? He’s got to keep his daughter alive. He’s lost one. She’s been brought back in this peculiar state. The other one can be killed now. Keep his daughters alive, that’s his motivation for doing this. Not doing great things, but in his mind, for great reasons. As soon as he does realize that Darhk truly is as dark as he is, he does everything he can to back out of that.”

You can check out for the full interview, but what do you think about the direction Arrow is taking. Is Damien Darhk living up to the level of big bad that we were promised before the season started or is he little more than the Arrow villains we’ve seen in the past. As always, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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