Anthony Mackie Lays the Smack Down on Man of Steel and Collider


WOW! In an incredible bout of celebrity smack down, Anthony Mackie took Collider to task when their interview tries to defend his love for Zach Snyder’s, Man of Steel.

During the conversation, things get a little uncomfortable as the interview intensely tries to defend MoS, but Mackie just straight isn’t having it. While Mackie seems to be in good spirits about the whole thing, he is firm in his resolve that Man of Steel sucks. In fact, Mackie goes so far as to say to the defensive interviewer, “That scares me that you review movies,” and that, “you have terrible taste in movies.”

You can watch the whole video below, but what do you think? Is Mackie right or does this interviewer make a solid point. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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