Anna Kendrick Petitions to Play Robin: Marvel Needs to Scoop Her Up NOW!


During a sit down interview promoting their new movie, The Accountant, with MTV’s After Hours host, Josh Horowitz, co-stars Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick had a few words to say about upcoming projects, but  more specifically, on upcoming superhero related projects.

In the interview, Kendrick is true to form keeping things fun and lighthearted by quipping the crap out of Ben Affleck. At one point she explains that she’d love to be the star of an action film referring to her biceps as, “Pitch and Perfect.”

Pushing the boundaries even further, she goes on to say how she only wished she knew someone who was directing an upcoming superhero film so that they could cast her as a potential lead, subtly hinting at the fact that Affleck is set to direct the upcoming film, The Batman. Continuing on, Kendrick magically dawns a cape, mask, and a Robin logo suggesting that she should play the role of Robin in the film.

While this would be both hilarious and amazing, it should send a signal to Marvel to sign Anna Kendrick into the MCU before DC manages to sign her to one of their projects. While Kendrick would be great in any movie, it’s clear that DC’s overall film tone wouldn’t be able to utilize the comedian to her fullest abilities while Marvel could allow her to shine.

A few months ago there was an online petition to cast Kendrick as Marvel superheroine, the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. If Marvel wanted to capitalize on the success that Fox had with last winters, Deadpool, they should absolutely make a Squirrel Girl movie starring Anna Kendrick. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comics frequently feature the same kind of fourth wall breaking humor that Deadpool does, although it tends to run a bit cleaner and more lighthearted which is perfect for the MCU.


Another fan favorite for the role of Squirrel Girl is actress Shannon Purser, whose most notable role to date was fan favorite, Barb, from Netflix’s Stranger Things. Fans have also been vocal about the idea of a Squirrel Girl movie as a way to make amends with director, Edger Wright, after their fallout on Ant-Man. Wright and Kendrick have worked together before on Scott Pilgram, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to see them work together again and given the nature of Squirrel Girl, it’s definitely the kind of film that could exist within the MCU that doesn’t have to tie into any major ongoing story lines, which is allegedly what Wright took issue with while working on Ant-Man.

While this is all currently a combination of fiction and wishful thinking, Kendrick is great and we’d love to see her star in a superhero flick, but do you think she should go for Marvel or DC? Do you see her as a Robin or as a Squirrel Girl? As always, let us know in the comments section below!

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