Actress Alfre Woodard Joins Marvel’s Luke Cage



Marvel’s finally come out and spilled the beans on who TV & film star Alfre Woodard (Primal Fear, True Blood) will be playing in the upcoming Netflix series, Luke Cage.

Turns out that Woodard will play the politician Mariah Dillard, a.k.a. Black Mariah, who also happens to be the cousin of Luke Cage big bad, Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes. If we had to guess, Dillard will be a front facing political “do-gooder” with ulterior motives that put her at odds against Cage.

Right now there’s not a lot known about this project, but as things unravel it seems to get more and more interesting. Based on the Marvel character of the same name (although once known as Power Man), Cage was a man who obtained his powers through a botched prison experiment meant to try and replicate the super soldier process that created Captain America, but instead left him with unbreakable skin and superhuman strength.

As of now there’s no specific release date for Netflix’s Luke Cage, although it is set to release sometime in 2016, whatever that means.

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